Commercial Pilot License

Experience/Minimum Training Flight Time:

(a) An applicant for a commercial pilot licence - aeroplane shall;
    (i) have completed, subject to paragraph (b), a minimum of 200 hours flight time in aeroplanes, of which a minimum of 100 hours shall be pilot in command time including 20 hours cross-country pilot-in-command flight time, and;
    (ii) following the issuance of a private pilot licence - aeroplane by Canada or another contracting state, have completed 65 hours of commercial pilot flight training in aeroplanes consisting of a minimum of:;

      (A) 35 hours dual instruction flight time, under the direction and supervision of the holder of a Flight Instructor Rating - Aeroplane, including:;

        (I) 5 hours night, including a minimum of 2 hours of cross-country flight time;

        (II) 5 hours cross-country, which may include the cross-country experience stated in sub clauses (I);

        (III) 20 hours of instrument flight time in addition to the experience stated in sub clauses (I) and (II). A maximum 10 hours of the 20 hours may be conducted on an approved aeroplane simulator or synthetic flight training device.

      (B) 30 hours solo flight time including:

        (I) 25 hours solo flight time emphasizing the improvement of general flying skills of the applicant which shall include a cross-country flight to a point of a minimum of 300 nautical mile radius from the point of departure and shall include a minimum of 3 landings at points other than that of departure;

        (II) 5 hours solo flight time by night during which a minimum of 10 takeoffs, circuits and landings were completed.
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Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) costs:

Ground School: $600.00
Pilot Kit: Cost depends on what kit the student already has.

Dual Flight: $225.00/Hr
Solo Flight: $170.00/Hr
Ground Brief: $60.00/Hr

The Flight Time mentioned above is fairly accurate if the student studies hard and arrives ready for his/her flights:

35 Hours Dual - $7875.00
30 Hours Solo - $5100.00
Ground School - $ 600.00
35 Hours Ground Brief - $2100.00
Total - $15675.00

Prices do not include the remaining experience needed to cover the 200 hours.

Above prices are subject to change.

This price is only an approximation and does not include GST, licence, flight test, exam fees.