Flight Instructor Rating

Prerequisites for a Flight Instructor Rating shall comprise a minimum of 200 hours
total time including 20 hours instrument time, of which a minimum of 10 hours shall
be instrument flight time; or the commercial pilot licence - aeroplane/instrument
rating (CPL(A)/IR) integrated course.

Knowledge - An applicant shall have completed a minimum of 25 hours of Instructor
Rating ground school instruction and obtain a minimum of 70% in the written examination
Flight Instructor Rating - Aeroplane Class 4 (AIRAF).

Experience - An applicant shall complete in aeroplanes a minimum of 30 hours of dual
flight instruction on overall pilot proficiency and the presentation of all exercises set
forth in the Flight Instructor Guide and shall include a minimum of 5 hours of training
in the teaching of instrument flight skills. A maximum 5 of the 30 hours may be conducted
on an approved aeroplane simulator or flight training device.

Skill - An applicant shall successfully complete a flight test as pilot-in-command of an
aeroplane, in accordance with Schedule 9 - Flight Test for the Issuance or Renewal of a
Flight Instructor Rating - Class 4 - Aeroplane - of Standard 428 - Conduct of Flight Tests.

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